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Sliced 3D pumpkin

Create a unique object with this 3D slicing technique. Combining CAD and laser engraving in this unique workshop where you will create a 3D model that can be cut into slices.


  • Class Duration1 hour
  • Class locationOnline - Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
  • Class difficulty levelAdvanced
  • Class Time SlotsWeekly
  • Number of class sessions2
  • Maximum number of students per class4
  • Fabrication cost includedNo

Class Description

Session 1: Overview of slicing 3D models, its applications, and the basic principles behind it. Dive into essential safety protocols for operating your Glowforge with glass, covering eye protection, ventilation, and handling techniques. Discussion - different types of 3D models and their suitability for slicing. Show sources of 3D models and learn about the materials that can be used for slicing and how to assemble the 3D model. Detailed overview of a CO2 laser engraver like the Glowforge machine, including its components and functionalities. Introduction to laser engraver software interface. Explore the interface of your laser software, focusing on design creation, importing graphics, and optimizing settings for glass engraving. Introduction to slicing software. Get hands-on with slice positions and slice thickness, experimenting with settings to understand sizing and aesthetics. Session 2: Exploration of slicing techniques for laser engraving. Learn techniques for creating custom artwork. Delve deeper into laser settings for fine details, achieving layer effects, and exploring specialized techniques like raster engraving. Understand how to adjust power and speed settings of the laser engraver for different materials and in particular types of glass for trophies. Discover post-processing techniques for assembling and finishing your model, adding that professional touch.

Class Category

  • Computer Aided Design
  • 3D Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • CNC machine
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Craft
  • Wood Working
  • Gifts

Class prerequisites

Ability to use a computer, connect to the internet and use software like Zoom. Download and install the open source graphic design software from

Price of each class session


Class requirements

Any Windows or Apple computer that can connect to the Internet via the Chrome (recommended) browser and can access Zoom software

Additional Information

This schedule is a guideline and may be adjusted to best suit the class's pace and needs. Additional materials and design examples can be incorporated based on student interest. A calendar link to confirm the schedule will be sent to you in your confirmation email.

Learning Goals

1) Understanding of 3D modeling software: Learn to navigate the interface, exploring its tools and features for designing 3D models. 2) Proficiency in CO2 Laser Engraver Operation: Participants should be able to confidently operate a CO2 laser engraver, specifically the Glowforge, including setup, calibration, and execution of engraving tasks. 3) Slicing Skills and Software Proficiency: Participants should acquire basic and advanced design skills using software like Glowforge, enabling them to create custom 3D models with slices. 4) Safety Awareness and Troubleshooting Skills: Participants should understand and adhere to safety protocols associated with using CO2 laser engravers. Additionally, they should be able to identify and resolve common issues that may arise during the cutting process, ensuring smooth operations.


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